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Lawrence Leung

Brooklyn, NY
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I was diagnosed with a complex case of osteochondroma in my right femur due to its irregular shape, location, and proximity to my sciatic nerve. It caused me discomfort and it restricted my mobility for about a year. I was extremely nervous about having surgery to remove my osteochondroma until I met Dr. Derek Hansen in November 2021.

Dr. Hansen was caring, diligent, patient, and confident in his ability to safely remove my osteochondroma. He was attentive to the details of my case and he provided me with multiple perspectives on treatment options that ultimately helped me decide to go through with the surgery.

My mom was with me during some of my visits and Dr. Hansen made sure that my mom understood and was comfortable with the nuances of my operation. On the day of the surgery, I remember Dr. Hansen reassuring my mom that I'll be fine and that I'll receive the best care. He also made time to walk us through his plan in the operation room in detail, which made me feel very safe under his care. This may seem minor but Dr. Hansen's compassion really helped give my mom and me the encouragement to push through a very challenging time in our lives.

I am blessed to have received such extraordinary care from Dr. Hansen. My surgery was a success and I am beyond grateful for Dr. Hansen and his team for taking such good care of my condition. The wound and the impact on my femur was minimal as Dr. Hansen expected, and I am happy to have recovered and to be back on my feet. I am still meeting with Dr. Hansen for regular check-ups on my femur as I recover and I am so happy with all the support he's given me.

Thank you, Dr. Hansen!