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Laurie Oestreich

New York, NY
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I was diagnosed with a synovial sarcoma at the age of 36. Terrified that I would not live to see my children grow up (an outcome that my oncologist described as a distinct possibility) I am eternally grateful that that the surgeon who did my initial "radical" knee replacement eliminated every cancer cell and literally saved my life. But the quality of my life was significantly compromised by a prosthesis that was never a good fit. I was in constant pain for five years, while trying to keep up with my two young children. About two years after the first implant, I developed an infection. So traumatized by the surgery, I elected to be on 4,000mg of penicillin a day for two years, rather than have the prosthesis removed.

By the time I came to Dr. Windsor for my total knee revision, an infection had rendered the femoral rod of the prosthesis, "spinable" within my femur. The 8 hour surgery to remove the prosthesis required him to pick shards of metal out of my leg with a tweezers. After sufficient antibiotic treatment, Dr. Windsor gave me a new knee and a new lease on life. I remain completely pain-free (almost 20 years later) and play golf and tennis regularly. Whether dancing at my children's weddings, or simply walking the streets of wherever my travels take me, Dr. Windsor and HSS are the wind beneath my wings. I thank them every day of my very fortunate life.