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Lauren MacDuffie

Staten Island, NY

I came to see Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle after non-surgical options of Physical Therapy, medication and injections no longer were enough to keep me walking without severe pain. He helped me in deciding the best surgical option to replace both knees, one at a time. My experience with Dr. Della Valle, his staff and the team at HSS was seamless. My family and I were well prepared for the surgery and post operative therapies in the hospital, at home and in the outpatient setting. Pain was managed well with medication that led to a full recovery each time. I am impressed with Dr. Della Valle's compassion, concern for my recovery, and the efficiency of his office. Someone was always available for my questions. For me, being back in the game is appreciating simple activities pain-free such as walking our dog, Kismet. I am forever grateful for Dr. Della Valle's exceptional surgical skill and care.