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Laurel K. Chehayl

Middletown, NJ

When I came to HSS, Dr. Andrew Sama was the third surgeon I had consulted in this geographic area. I am relatively young - just turning 40 next week - but have already had two spinal surgeries. My previous procedures were completed at very competitive Cleveland, Ohio area hospitals. I always believed that, to have an excellent surgeon, one must accept cursory or second-rate hospital care. HSS has absolutely taught me that this is not the case. From the moment I became Andrew Sama's patient, my life took a turn for the better. I became a patient of an entire body of caregivers, educators, and professionals. I felt heard, supported, and informed before, during, and after my spinal fusion surgery in April 2010. The people working in pain management, physical therapy, and nursing gave me the highest quality of care I could have imagined. Even the nutritionist took the time to listen to my (many!) questions and help me to best move forward after the surgery. I am forever grateful to Dr. Sama, and everyone who continues to work with me at HSS. I am so happy to know that I not only get a world-class surgeon, but the very same level of caring from everyone I encounter at HSS.