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Laura R.

Massapequa, NY
  • Laura R. in the photo 1
  • Laura R. in the photo 2

Dr. Lebl performed my surgery approximately 2 years ago. I had a lumbar fusion L4/5. Prior to this surgery, I had had 2 lumbar surgeries. One was a lumbar microdiscectomy L5/S1 and the other was a laminotomy L5/S1. Those two surgeries were performed by another prominent surgeon in NYC. The first surgery was done in 2008 and was successful. In 2014, I had a disc collapse and received the second surgery with the same surgeon I used the first time, thinking it would be successful as well. However, the second surgery didn't take away my pain and the pain got worse. I must mention that I am a very active 54 year old woman. I used to run every day and go to the gym on a daily basis. I enjoyed spin classes as a well as hot yoga. I was truly obsessed with exercise. To not be able to do most of the things I enjoyed was truly devastating. Prior to Dr. Lebl performing the 3rd surgery, I literally could not walk more than a block. I also had scoliosis with an 83 degree curve in my spine! I did much research on surgeons and I read about Dr. Lebl and set up a consult. I had seen many surgeons in NYC prior to Dr. Lebl. From our first meeting Dr. Lebl was extremely professional and quite confident in his solution in fixing my problem. He did not waiver and explained in terms we could understand what he was going to do. Dr. Lebl was not arrogant as many of these surgeons can be. Also, many other doctors would have shied away from doing my surgery, because I had two previous surgeries and very severe scoliosis. Not Dr. Lebl, he was more than up for the challenge and gave me a very good success rate. Dr. Lebl was also concerned because I had very low bone density and told me to see the metabolic bone doctors at HSS. This is where I met Patricia Donahue, N.P. Ms. Donahue identified my issues and was very concerned that I may not fuse due to the bone density being so low. She worked out a plan for me, very quickly I might add, so that the surgery would be a success. Her kindness and brilliancy was unparalleled. She even came to the hospital to visit me after my surgery. My surgery was performed in April 2017. I am not going to lie, recovery was very tough and there were times when I felt like throwing in the towel. Dr. Lebl kept telling me to be patient, things would improve. I would also add that when you called Dr. Lebl's office with concerns after the surgery, you were never ignored as some doctors would do. With a lot of handwork, on strengthen the back muscles and core, as Dr. Lebl said this was key, I can finally say that I am so so glad I go the surgery. Dr, Lebl gave me my life back truly he did! I am now enjoying all the things I used to love! Prior to the surgery, I could not even sit on my own couch. Now I can sit anywhere! I can go on vacation and go see my children at college without pain! I cannot thank Dr. Lebl and Patricia Donahue, N.P. enough !