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Laura Demopoulos

  • Laura Demopoulos in the photo 1

I am a lifelong athlete, and tore both ACLs in separate injuries more than 20 years ago. I never had either repaired, but regained stable function with physical therapy. Over the past few decades, I have developed arthritis in both knees. Dr. Metzl recommended viscotherapy, and that has been effective for the past 2 years or so. I have been able to compete in triathlons and IronStrength workouts without limitations.

I recently started to increase my running mileage in preparation for a marathon, and both knees started to bother me more. I wasn't able to recover between long runs and worried I wouldn't be able to train adequately. I went back to Dr. Metzl a few months ago, and he gave me a steroid shot to calm down the inflammation in the one knee that was really painful, he drained an effusion, and then we started a new round of viscotherapy with a plan to do a PRP treatment with the 3rd viscotherapy shot.

Throughout the entire treatment period, I had Dr. Metzl's close guidance about activity and adjunctive therapy (i.e., ice, NSAIDs, etc). I took a few days off after the PRP because I was really sore, and then gradually started increasing activity. I also started using IronStrength DVDs to strengthen all the muscles in my kinetic chain (plus the workouts are efficient and fun!).

Two months later, I am delighted to report that my progress has been nothing short of miraculous! I am now able to run without pain or knee swelling for the first time in years. My strength and balance have improved- I particularly notice this in hill and speed workouts. I am really looking forward to the marathon, and the upcoming triathlon season.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Metzl and his excellent office staff for turning back the hands of time and rejuvenating my workouts!