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Laticia Nish

Jamaica, NY
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From birth I had a noticeable bow in my right leg, which was difficult growing up because other kids made fun of me. I learned to accept the way my leg looked because I didn't think there was anything I could do to fix it and my condition didn't pose a serious health risk or prevent me from being active at the time. In my late 20's my interest in fitness peaked and I decided that I wanted to be a personal trainer. I started working out in the gym and one day while on the treadmill, I noticed an unusual feeling in my right knee. I didn't think much about it initially but then it began to swell and feel uncomfortable. After seeking medical advice it was discovered that I had a torn meniscus. Upon further examination, they also found that there was a profound misalignment in my right knee that required attention. They informed me that if I allowed it to stay that way, over time it would lead to major mobility concerns.

I sought the advice of a number of doctors and was dismayed when the possibility of a complete knee replacement was brought up; which at my age was something I perceived as not ideal since I was relatively young. After speaking with Dr. Rozbruch, who came highly recommended for this type of leg issue, he gave me hope. He knew exactly what needed to be done to correct the alignment while keeping my knee intact. The surgery was successful. Dr. Rozbruch was extremely professional, confident, and competent. He has changed my life and allowed me to be able to walk, run, and dance circles around the gym. I am thankful to Hospital for Special Surgery and their dedicated staff for being very accommodating and helpful while I stayed there for my 3 knee surgeries this year.