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Larry Thau

Flemington, NJ
  • Larry Thau in the photo 1

Having been a heavyweight wrestler in high school and college, then a runner and now a cyclist, my visit to HSS was inevitable. My decision to act occurred because of right hip pain preventing me from finding a comfortable position on a 12-hour business flight. After exhausting the “over the counter” medicine solution, then maxing out on a Cox-2 inhibitor, I first visited some local providers and consulted some friends who had a hip replacement. There was a wide range of opinions and outcomes, so I became a bit cautious. On one hand, I could barely walk up stairs on the other hand I didn’t want the leg length discrepancy risk I had recently learned about. Finally, our son who is a biomedical engineer (and an observer of many procedures at many facilities) told me “Dad, I’m only letting you go to HSS!”. I then made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Amar Ranawat.

Dr. Ranawat was just what I was looking for: competent, professional and decisive. He explained the process and anticipated recovery and we scheduled the procedure. Dr. Ranawat was visible and supportive throughout. Dr. Yee gave me the most thorough and informed pre-op physical I had ever experienced. Additionally, the entire staff exhibited a culture of caring and support. About six weeks following my surgery, I was completing a half hour of physical therapy with my only limitation being Dr. Ranawat’s admonition that healing takes time and no one (including yours truly) is exempt. Now, eight months later, I’m at full activity level and blissfully unaware I had the surgery. I fully recommend HSS, Dr. Amar Ranawat and Dr. Arthur Yee.