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Larry Senn

Palm City, FL
  • Larry Senn in the photo 1

In 1999, I found I could not put weight on my left foot. I later learned that as a result of a severe ankle fracture in 1965, the cartilage in my ankle had worn away to the extent I was bone on bone. Several doctors advised that my only option was a fusion. Fortunately, at the recommendation of a doctor friend I got an appointment with Dr. O'Malley who gave me another alternative, an artificial ankle. My impression was that Dr. O'Malley was at the top of his game (which proved correct) and I had the ankle replacement operation in May 2000. I received fantastic treatment at HSS, including really fabulous pain management following the operation. For the past 16+ years I have led an active, normal life, including playing golf, my favorite sport. Each May I send Dr. O'Malley a thank you for the incredible gift of another year of walking.