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Larry Lawler

Weston, CT
  • Larry Lawler in the photo 1

As a self-professed 68-year-old exercise nut, I was treated by Dr. McCarthy for complex tears of my medial and lateral meniscus in my left knee. After an extensive evaluation, Dr. McCarthy reviewed my options and was very open in considering my input. A year ago I opted for a cortisone injection and PT treatment which, as she accurately explained, would be a temporary fix. In less than a year I returned to Dr. McCarthy and opted for a partial meniscectomy. For the next 2 months Dr. McCarthy was extremely informative and accurately described the process from pre-op to post-op to recovery. Two months after the surgery I have returned to my daily exercise routine, which includes an hour of cardio as well as alternating days of upper/lower/ab strength exercising. I AM VERY PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS AND EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR THE CARE I RECEIVED FROM DR. MCCARTHY AND THE ENTIRE HSS STAFF!