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Lansana Lapia

Bo, Sierra Leone

I am from Sierra Leone and came to the USA when I was 8 years old. I was bitten by a snake and my tibia was infected. Dr. Rozbruch did limb lengthening surgery over a 2 year period and connected my leg to my foot. I played all sports in high school and beyond. By having 2 functional legs, I also concentrated in composing and singing music. I am an aspiring performance artist and don't worry about my leg.

By fixing my leg, Dr. Rozbruch helped me have the possibility of having a normal and bright future. I'm in college now and my music and story can be seen and heard by viewing my website:

I sing (rap) of my past experiences and future dreams. I was lucky to come to the USA and to Dr. Rozbruch. Thanks to the good people at HSS!