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Lance Fischer

Andover Twp., NJ
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The sport of wrestling is my passion! It's my senior year wrestling season and I am prepared to make it to States and see the Atlantic City podium! Well, that's what I thought, but I sustained a left knee injury while practicing in the wrestling room on 12/18/15, the day before my very first senior season match. It was obvious that my injury was severe, my knee swelled up like a balloon and I heard a few loud pops and I couldn't put any weight on it at all. I knew it wasn't good.

I saw Dr. Rodeo on New Year's Eve as a second opinion and he confirmed a complete ACL tear and meniscal tear that would require surgery. He examined me and took his time to explain what to expect now and after surgery. I explained to Dr. Rodeo that I waited a long time to get to this point in my wrestling career and I wanted to continue to wrestle and finish the season out with my injury. He gave me the clearance, but was deeply concerned about the risks that may be involved if I did continue. I understood, so I was placed in a big, black brace and hit the mat three weeks after seeing Dr. Rodeo.

It was a grueling few months, but I had to put all of my mental and physical challenges behind me. I never saw Atlantic City but I did achieve something that I never thought I would with this type and the severity of my injury. I became District Champ and a Regional Qualifier. I was satisfied with my accomplishments for only wrestling with one good leg and recognized by many for being so determined.

I eventually had surgery 2 weeks after my season on 3/25/16. I am slowly getting better and stronger every day. I will continue to rehab the heck out of this knee because my goal is to continue my wrestling career in college.

It was an amazing experience, as far as injury and surgery goes. Thank you Dr. Rodeo, staff and Hospital for Special Surgery. I still have a long road ahead but every hard road leads to a great destination.