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Kristen Tomlinson

Weehawken, NJ
  • Kristen Tomlinson in the photo 1

I first met Dr. Dines 10 years ago when I tore a tendon in my elbow playing tennis. I immediately felt comfortable with his empathetic manner and confidence in treatment plan. We decided on surgery and 3 months later I was back on the court. When my 12 year old daughter needed elbow surgery few years later I did not hesitate to have Dr. Dines operate. He and his staff were amazing with her and alleviated her fears the day of the procedure. She went on to have an extremely successful and pain-free softball career. He then repaired my husbands bicep tendon after tennis injury and several months later he too was back on the court. But my recent shoulder issue was one I dreaded and I feared I would not play tennis again. I originally separated it many years ago playing rugby. Through the years with tennis, golf, and softball, it gradually worsened. I put in the rehab, tried cortisone injections, but finally I couldn't sleep at night or play tennis. Dr. Dines said he would fix it and I would be just fine. He repaired the rotator cuff and labrum and removed a good deal of angry tissue. I could not take pain meds and it was surprisingly tolerable. After 1 week, I had some soreness but all that pre-op pain was gone. I was swinging a racquet at 5 months, playing softball at 7 and now at 10 months post-op my shoulder is 100%! I cannot thank Dr. Dines enough for his care, accessibility, concern and expertise. And a shout out to Val, who is always so helpful.