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Kristen B.

San Francisco, CA

After taking a fall in 2016, an MRI showed a full-thickness tear of my rotator cuff. My surgeon in San Francisco scoped my shoulder, and didn’t find anything of note to repair. After weeks of physical therapy, visiting multiple rheumatologists at the advise of my surgeon and multiple injections I continued to be in more pain and have less range of motion.

After extensive research of course Hospital for Special Surgery was at the top of my list. What appealed to me about Dr. Josh Dines was a combination of his extensive research and specialty of the shoulder. I was also impressed by the professional sporting teams that he consults for and the glowing reviews that everyday people like me had left for him. After sending him my records and story, within only a few hours he wrote back with his initial thoughts. We talked via email and the phone over the course of a couple of months, deciding surgery was a logical step. His fabulous assistants Carolyn Zuba and Valerie DiStefano were of great help in all of the coordination needed for my visit, surgery and post-op appointments.

In meeting Dr. Dines in-person for the first time on a Friday, I found him thorough, compassionate and ultimately reassuring that after a physical exam surgery on Monday was still the direction to go. On Monday morning, the entire staff put me at ease! Dr. Richard Kahn, my anesthesiologist, offered me a nerve block study that could (and did) increase the length of the block. The entire operating room took great care of me by playing fun music, telling me jokes and holding my hand as they put me to sleep. Dr. Dines repaired my torn rotator cuff, biceps tendonitis, an impingement as well as bone spurring.

Throughout my healing process back here in San Francisco, Dr. Dines has remained communicative, answering any questions from both my physical therapist and myself. At 17 weeks out I am still involved in physical therapy, but now I am pain-free and gaining range of motion and strength more each day!

I am eternally grateful for the absolutely stellar care and treatment I received from Dr. Dines, Dr. Kahn and the entire staff at HSS.