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Kristeen Rayment

Barnegat Township, NJ
  • Kristeen Rayment in the photo 1

My local doctor made me promise her I’d go to HSS if I ever wanted to walk unaided again. The pain I was in made me want my right leg amputated above the knee. I had been suffering for about 1 year and all tests were showing no abnormalities. Just the breeze blowing could bring me to tears. The first meeting with Dr. Kramskiy gave me hope. He told me amputation would not solve anything and there were better options. A year and a half later, after several treatments and surgeries, the DRG stimulator got FDA approval in the USA and that was my ticket to get Back in the Game. I went from being 100 percent disabled and getting around when leaving my house in a wheelchair to going back to work as a pediatric nurse. I feel like I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Kramskiy for all that he’s done for not only me, but for my entire family. I now get to dance with my sons at their weddings.