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Krista Steffens

Clermont, FL
  • Krista Steffens in the photo 1

I am an LPN from Florida and was recommended to HSS and Dr. Russel Huang by my father-in-law. From the first appointment to the aftercare I was treated with utmost care. I have had ongoing issues with my lower back and left leg for approximately 20 years and exhausted all other treatment options. I traveled to NY and had spinal fusion done on 10/13/2020. All the staff involved in my care, including office staff of Dr. Huang, were amazing and I cannot thank them enough.

I took my first walk outside earlier this week and cried tears of joy as all the pain I had in lower back and left leg was gone. I know I have a lot more healing to do but I already can feel the difference. My ongoing gratitude to all staff involved continues as I can now have a better quality of life and won’t be in pain every day from working as a nurse, being a mom and a wife.