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Greenwich, CT
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"What percentage of normal do you feel today?" This is not a question you would think to ask yourself weekly but after experiencing a head injury, a return to normal is all that you hope to accomplish.

When I met with Dr. Shetty, I was a fraction of the person I was prior to my accident. When asked this question, I was barely functioning at 30% of my normal. I would describe how I was feeling as “just not right". I felt extremely emotional and suffered from constant head pressure. Every time I shut my eyes or laid down to rest I would hear an overwhelming loud ringing in my head and rest was never possible. I also had trouble processing simple tasks like boiling water, doing laundry and caring for my three children. Walking to the mailbox and chatting with a neighbor was beyond exhausting!

How would I ever get back to NORMAL again? I really struggled with this idea until I met Dr. Shetty.

From the moment Dr. Shetty entered the examination room, I knew I was where I needed to be, I felt both safe and supported. Dr. Shetty’s intelligence and calm demeanor along with her treatment plan was the solution that I was searching for. Her concussion protocol was challenging to follow at first but as each day passed it became easier. Her whole body approach combined with her team of specialists was refreshing, impactful and best of all, yielded positive results.

No matter what stage you are in, ups and downs are part of the concussion recovery process, as healing from a concussion is not linear. You must believe 100% in your ability to recover. Dr. Shetty and her team will be your guiding light during your darkest days. Without Dr. Shetty, I would not be able to answer that question the way I do today, “I feel 100% normal!”