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Knox Leggett

Brookhaven, MS
  • Knox Leggett in the photo 1

Knox was diagnosed with femoral retroversion in October of 2020. The specialist we saw here in MS was not able to give us a treatment plan that we were comfortable with at that time. So, we began to search for other treatment options. We typed in his diagnosis in to Google and Dr. Rozbruch popped up as the best in the nation. We then emailed his office stating what Knox was diagnosed with and was wondering if he would see us to give us a second opinion. Dr. Rozbruch himself replied to the email that afternoon and we were offered an appointment within 2 weeks. We then flew to New York to meet with Dr. Rozbruch and were blown away by the knowledge he had on what Knox was experiencing, his understanding, and the hospitality we were shown by him and his entire office. We truly felt that God had led us to where we needed to be. The next week we began the scheduling process for us upcoming surgery.

On June 14, 2021, Knox had his surgery and as Dr. Rozbruch would say, "it went beautifully." I can not give enough praises to Dr. Rozbruch and his team or to HSS. I can honestly say we did not come in contact with one person who was not helpful or that did not treat us with complete respect. The staff that helped us check in and complete paperwork, those working the coffee shops, those that were cleaning and maintaining the facilities, the physical therapy staff, all of his fantastic nurses (at Dr. Rozbruch's office, in recovery and on the pediatric floor) and nurse's assistants were top of the line!!!! I can also say that every person we met before surgery complimented HSS and told us we were at the right place and I could not agree more.

Knox is recovering so well and I have just been amazed! We will be going back for follow up visits and within the year having another surgery to remove the rod, plate, and screws that are being used to fix his issue. We look forward to being with the HSS family again.

The Leggett family is beyond grateful for our experience with HSS and thank God we were led to you. May God bless each and everyone that is apart of Dr. Rozbruch's office and HSS!