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Kim Smith

Miami Beach, FL
  • Kim Smith in the photo 1
  • Kim Smith in the photo 2

I fractured my ankle back country skiing in Wyoming - I had a displaced and unstable ankle fracture and was told it needed to be operated on within 7 days. My friend Dr. Duretti Fufa, a hand surgeon at HSS, helped me triage my injury. I flew the next day to New York to see Dr. Martin O’Malley and was operated on within 3 days of my injury. I received great care at HSS, and returned to Miami for my rehabilitation and physical therapy. All of my follow ups with Dr. O’Malley were virtual, except my final in-person visit for my last round of x-rays at 14 weeks. My x-rays at various stages of follow up were seen by many health care professionals, all who commented that Dr. O’Malley did a perfect job on my surgery. One physical therapist commented my mobility would not have been nearly so good so early had I not had such a good surgeon. At 10 weeks I received permission to ski, which I did! And at my 14 week follow up I received the excellent news that my fracture had fully healed, my mobility and strength were symmetrical, and that I could return to my primary sport, running! So grateful to have received such good care at HSS.