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Kim Marin

New York, NY

I think HSS is the greatest. After I decided to go with Dr. DiFelice for my knee replacement and my surgery date was set, HSS began to inform me of exactly what to expect and exactly what I needed to do prior to and after surgery. They were with me every step of the way. My hospital stay was problem-free due to a top-notch nursing staff. I would recommend HSS to anyone needing to replace anything!!

Now...on to my two very bad knees. After years of dancing and latching onto the aerobics craze of the 80's, I began to experience pain and difficulty with any type of movement. But...I stayed active even though I was in pain. From 1985 to 2006, I had 5 knee surgeries, countless steroid injections and was told in '85 that I needed new knees. I was also asked what football team I played for as my knees looked a mess! But in 1985 I was too young for new knees, so I waited and waited. Since 2010, my movement had really deteriorated to where I could not even go up and down a flight of stairs without a lot of pain and a lot of snap-crackle-pop. I had Dr. Difelice replace my right knee in April of 2015. The surgery went really well and the immediate recovery was quick and for me, pretty painless. But then the work began. PT, walking, icing, drugs, exercise...all helped to get me to a place where I am now VERY ANXIOUS to get my left knee replaced. I am really happy I made the decision to go with Dr. Difelice and I am over-the-moon happy with my new right knee. I have regained strength and power in my right leg that I had thought I had lost forever. I can do a step up at the gym without any assistance and it easy and it doesn't hurt!! I can't wait to see where two new knees will lead me...hopefully back to the dance floor! After I rehab my left knee and regain my strength, I plan to take a ballroom dance class. I will tell that story then and post pictures to prove it.