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Kim Jenkins

  • Kim Jenkins in the photo 1

What can I say about Dr. Nawabi other than he is an AWESOME hip surgeon!!! I had a labral tear repair surgery with him last year on the right side after having terrible hip pain, which became a real quality of life issue. Because I also had hip dysplasia, I was hoping to go ahead and have the most aggressive surgery.. being a hip replacement, since I had a tear and knew eventually, when my hip was bone on bone, I would have to have the full hip replacement. In all my meetings with Dr. Nawabi, I always felt like he listened to all of my concerns and would lay out all of my options, giving me the research behind why he felt these options would be reasonable for my situation. He allowed me to review what he was telling me and make my decision. I was in a gray area where I wasn't bone on bone and not indicated for the hip replacement but having awful pain from the tear. I decided to have the labral tear repair surgery with a new procedure where he placed lipogens in the operated area to promote greater healing. OMG! 8 weeks later, with the help of a good physical therapist, my right hip was like new! Unfortunately while the right hip was "like new", my left hip began to decline due to a tear on that side. 9 weeks ago, Dr. Nawabi completed the same exact surgery on the left - everything exactly the same and I have to tell you, I FEEL TERRIFIC! I feel like a new person now that these tears on the right and left, have been fixed! Also, many thanks to Dr. Nawabi's PA Megan - she is THE BEST!! And his administrative staff is wonderful and very attentive - Melissa and Marie! Thank you for a wonderful experience x 2!!!