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Kim Gibilisco

New York, NY
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Limping for months following a fall and hip subluxation during one of my solo performances overseas, I sought out the best of the best in state of the art hip procedures - Dr Bryan Kelly. After thorough scans and assessments, Dr. Kelly agreed to accept my complicated case, a 3rd right hip scope at the age of 41. Following my procedure, Dr Kelly and his team provided the most thoughtful and thorough follow up and care to me. After 12 weeks on crutches and canes, conservative and then aggressive approaches in rehab and injections aimed at regaining normal gait, Dr. Kelly recommended PRP for my damaged rectus femoris tendon. Dr. James Wyss offered me a PRP injection to the rectus femoris tendon. After another month on bilateral crutches, I began to find movement in my hip that I thought was lost forever. The combination of Dr Kelly's optimistic and brave surgical procedure and Dr. Wyss's cutting edge approach to PRP therapy have given me a life on my natural hip that I only dreamed of. Every year on my surgical date, I send them updates of my improvement and quality of life. I am forever grateful for access to such genuine, brilliant medical doctors, who have given me many more limp-free years on my dancer hip!