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Ki Chan

Harrison, NJ
  • Ki Chan in the photo 1
  • Ki Chan in the photo 2

I was recommended to Dr. Qureshi for minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery by two esteemed orthopedic surgeons. I knew if his own colleagues referred him, Dr. Qureshi must be super special and unparalleled in his skills and knowledge, particularly because I come from a background of science at M.I.T. and Harvard, graduated from Stanford University, and am ultra fastidious in whom I choose to perform surgery on my body.

Even being over 50, I am a high energy, active person and I love to dance, hike with my doggie, practice yoga and play the piano. I had been scheduled for a dance competition last year but had herniated my disc while helping a friend move her sofa. The lumbar radiculopathy incapacitated me to the point that I could barely do yoga poses and had trouble ambulating more than 15 mins at a time. I couldn't sit for more than 30 mins either. The disabling paresthesia pain was unbearable. I tried everything - physical therapy, medication, epidural. You name it, I probably tried it, but to no avail.

Immediately upon rising from the hospital bed in the recovery room after Dr. Qureshi's surgery, I was able to ambulate and did not need to use the assistive device which HSS had provided me in case I did. I was walking within the week and resumed yoga within two weeks. Attached is a pic of my 16mm incision wound at 12 day post-op.

I've also attached a video of what I can do with my post-op leg at 3 weeks today.

Dr. Qureshi is a sweet, awesome, kind, compassionate, generous, humble person and a spectacular surgeon. I've met and worked with many doctors and researchers in my life and he outshines every one of them. I've only met one other surgeon who was like Dr. Qureshi, and his name was Dr. Paul Pellici and he also worked at HSS, and the latter had helped my mom regain mobility in her ankle when I was a teen. I remember Dr. Pellici very vividly because I was the only one in my immigrant family who spoke English and I asked him to help my mom and he unhesitatingly did. The world would be a much more beautiful place with more surgeons like Drs. Qureshi and Pellici.