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Kevin Schaeffer

Hewitt, NJ
  • Kevin Schaeffer in the photo 1

My son Kevin woke up in February of 2019 with pain in his right knee and was unable to extend it. Within a week we had a diagnosis from a local orthopedist; Osteochondritis Dissecans. The doctor wanted to address it conservatively as Kevin was 17 at the time and recommended crutches with no weight baring for 3 months to see if it would heal without surgical intervention. We were concerned that if that didn't work and Kevin would need surgery anyway, that lost time would potentially eliminate most or all of his senior year football season. Kevin was already being recruited by some smaller D1 schools and was determined to play college football, a lifelong dream of his. After some research, we discovered Dr. Fabricant and went to see him at HSS for a second opinion. We immediately felt comfortable and confident with Dr. Fabricant. He connected with Kevin right away and it was clear he understood how important it was for Kevin to be able to pursue his football dream. He explained to us that surgery was the only option for Kevin as he had a "mature and unstable lesion." We were told recovery averaged 6 months with intensive PT. Kevin had the surgery on March 29th and the road to recovery began. Kevin started PT 2 weeks post-op and was in a leg brace with minimal weight baring through June. As the weeks unfolded, he made steady gains going to PT 3-4 days a week. We had regular check ups with Dr. Fabricant who monitored his progress closely and made it clear to Kevin that slow and steady would get him where he needed to be. In early August, we went to see Dr. Fabricant in hopes Kevin would be cleared to start football camp the following week. Kevin got the green light 5 months post-surgery, and went on to play his senior year football season. In January of 2020 Kevin was offered a PWO (preferred walk on) position with a collegiate football team. We went for a final consult with Dr. Fabricant in June before he reported to camp. Dr. Fabricant ordered an MRI just to be certain all was well to be able to compete at this level of football. He called us at home the next day said all was great and that he should go and make his mark in college. Kevin is now living out his dream (despite the current pandemic!) and we are indebted to Dr. Fabricant. Besides being an incredibly gifted surgeon, he is just kind and caring and truly extends himself to his patients and their families. When we had an issue with insurance company on the eve before the surgery, he got on the phone with the insurance company himself to expedite things. I don't know any other doctor that would do that! He also took the time to speak directly to Kevin's physical therapists and answer their questions about the recovery protocol. I cannot say enough about Dr. Fabricant and our experience with HSS. We are so grateful to him!