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Kevin McNeilly

New York, NY
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After too many running miles on an ankle that was broken as a child, every step was painful! I tried all sorts of procedures to eliminate the constant pain with no luck (injections, PRP, wrapping/braces, inserts, medication). I finally decided surgery was the best option. I met with a few orthopedic surgeons and their responses were varied (fusion, ankle realignment, and ankle replacement). I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Cody at HSS Stamford. She was very helpful and explained all the options and said she could do the realignment and replacement in the same surgery. That worked! I had the surgery early February and it took a few months of recovery with crutches, boot, and PT. Now no pain! I am amazed how good my ankle feels and I'm walking normally pain-free! The true test was recently when I went to Rwanda to see the gorillas and after seven months since surgery I was able to climb the mountain up to the jungle where the gorillas were living! I could not have done that last year! Dr. Cody is a truly gifted surgeon and is able to create miracles. I know firsthand! Thank you!