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Kevin Grassie

Flemington, NJ
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My sport and passion is Martial Arts Tricking (MAT): a high-intensity fusion of kicking, flipping and twisting movements from martial arts, gymnastics, and acrobatics influences, performed as an aesthetic display of individual expression and creativity. In the fall of 2014, I tore my left hamstring quite violently during a training session.

After an inconclusive visit to my campus ER, I began to recover over the next year, or so I thought. I struggled with the idea of being unable to ever return to MAT, as I had frequent discomfort, limited strength and flexibility, and horrible muscular endurance.

Last summer in 2015, I got another opinion on campus, which in turn led me to Dr. Bryan Kelly of HSS. Tests and imaging from both on-campus and HSS staff informed me that I had a chronic, complete avulsion of two hamstring muscles on my left leg, which were attached to my sciatic nerve by scar tissue. Though I was walking and training, I felt like surgery was the best option for long-term recovery and to truly get back on track with what I love.

Now, almost a year post-op, I have excelled through physical therapy and feel like myself again. I have renewed strength and stamina, and finally have the ability to achieve the next level in MAT and my traditional martial arts training. I cannot thank Dr. Kelly and his staff enough for being with my family and I through the entire journey, and for giving me many more years of healthier, smarter martial arts training.