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Kevin and Elizabeth McGill

Vero Beach, FL
  • Kevin and Elizabeth McGill in the photo 1

My husband and I have had a very positive experience with HSS in the past. When we planned our visit to NYC we also scheduled appointments for both of us with Dr. Carlo Milani. We found Dr. Milani to be personable and extremely competent. After a thorough physical exam and a review of our x-rays and MRIs, Dr. Milani reviewed a plan of care for each of us. He recommended we both start with physical therapy and kept us both on our prescriptions. He also prescribed medication for my husband, which provided some relief as pain prevented him from walking more than a block. My back and hip pain remained somewhat the same but I was able to complete a course of physical therapy at HSS as was my husband. After our course, Dr. Milani reviewed our progress and determined that we were good candidates for cortisone injections. My husband had a cortisone injection into his hip joint and I underwent an epidural on L3-4.

We were both amazed at how much better we felt after the procedures. We were finally out of pain after many years of chronic pain and seeing many local orthopedic doctors. We continue our physical therapy and have engaged a trainer in our fitness center for general conditioning for Kevin and Pilates for me. I am now back to power yoga three times a week and weight training and Pilates twice a week. We can walk for miles now without pain and resume our active lifestyle. After seeing many orthopedic doctors over the years we finally found Dr. Milani who was able to diagnose and treat our chronic pain successfully. We are truly grateful to Dr. Milani for his caring and effective treatment. We are also grateful to our physical therapists at HSS who were professional and provided us with appropriate and challenging exercises.