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Kenneth Malloy

Rye, NY
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I don't have an "off season", so when I have an injury, I am quick to get to the cause by consulting a doctor and I seek the best to get a diagnosis. My priority is to have my issues addressed and start physical therapy, if suggested, in order to get back on the field as quickly as possible. One of my philosophies in life is "cut me, Mick". If my injury is repaired by the best doctor then I will do whatever is required with physical therapy to have their work result in the optimal outcome. That brings me to HSS. The absolute "best of the best" from the moment you walk through its doors. Seamless and professional -- from the doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and radiology department. Having had several surgeries, I have found the pre-op to post-op care to be very personalized, detailed and confidence-building. That brings me to Dr. David Altchek. He and Kieth Williamson I have dubbed as "Team Top Gun". Dr. Altchek has been kind enough to perform three surgeries on me. Both elbows and a rotator cuff/bicep tendon reattachment are his work. My shoulder surgery was performed in October of 2017. I did that after I finished the golf season and my goal was to play pain-free competitive golf in 2018. Golf has been a game that I have played all my life. One of the tournaments that I enjoy playing in is the Team Match Play at Westchester CC because I play with one of my boys. Conor said he could make it this year. My shoulder was doing great. The rehab was still ongoing, but I was pain-free and swinging the club. The Monday before the Saturday start of the tournament, my back went out and I was in bad shape. After trying to handle it via PT and cryotherapy, I sent out an email to Team Malloy; my doctors at HSS. They responded to me that night and I made a call to Dr. Peter Moley at 9pm. He said he could see me the next morning. That day was x-rays; see the doctor; MRI, see the doctor; then an epidural shot at 5pm. When I went in to see him, I said, "Get me to the first tee on Saturday morning." He did just that. On Saturday morning I was on the first tee with Conor. We qualified that day of Memorial Day Weekend and the tournament ended in mid August for us. It was a summer that was made possible by Drs. Altcheck and Moley. Conor and I ended up with a championship and I more importantly have a lifetime of memories of playing competitive golf with my son.