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Kenneth Malc

Plainview, NY
  • Kenneth Malc in the photo 1

I have had bad left hip arthritis for 10 years. I fought through the pain for a long time and still went daily to the gym, spinning, boxing and weightlifting. Finally as I could not walk without a lot of pain and limping after 2 blocks, I went to my orthopedist and it was decided to get my left hip replaced. I was referred to Dr. Jerabek at HSS and never looked back, making my surgical appointment the first day I met him. Within 1 month after the surgery, I was back in the gym, spinning, boxing (don't tell Dr. Jerabek) and light weightlifting. Now, 3 months later, I am doing everything including 5 to 7 mile walks with absolutely no pain and no limp. I could not walk 2 blocks before the surgery. It feels like I was given the wrong hip at birth and now I have the right one. Thank you to HSS, where I was cared for like a king. HSS is a very special place. Thank you to Dr. Jerabek who was a pure professional and did what he said he would do. My wife is having knee replacement surgery with Dr. Jerabek in August.