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Kenneth Lucas

New York, NY
  • Kenneth Lucas in the photo 1
  • Kenneth Lucas in the photo 2

First I'd like to Thank Dr. Han Jo Kim for his professional advice and calm demeanor as well as the amazing team at HSS. I suffered from 2012 up until I had my surgery in March 2019 with constant unbearable pain throughout both my legs. Unable to perform simple task resulted in losing my job. I had lost hope and figure pain medication would be my solution. July 2018 is when all that changed. I paid a visit to a local facility for epidural injections (This would have been my 9th injection since 2015). After viewing my MRI his first suggestion was obvious - I would need spinal fusion due to the nerves were obstructed from multiple disc herniations at S1, L4, and L5 along with scoliosis. My physician gave me a list of surgeons and his recommendation was Dr. Kim all due to his successful record. I thank God I went in 100% believing this would be the answer to all my pain suffering. My surgery was a success! The procedure (posterior lumbar decompression L5, fusion L4-S1, TLIF L4- S1) took 3 hours. I was home in 3 days! I must add, the pain was minimal with the aide of extra strength pain relievers only. The entire staff during the 3 days were excellent never worried nor negative. Gasby was one of the nurse assistants I favored the most. He was always super upbeat, kind and had a great sense of humor. Even the food was restaurant quality (I was dismissed on the evening that serves meatloaf). I highly recommend HSS to everyone!