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Kenneth Kaplan

New York, NY
  • Kenneth Kaplan in the photo 1

It had started with a small pain in my hip. I was able to work around it, but over time, it became progressively worse. I went to an orthopedist, who gave me a quick ten minute exam and declared that it was bursitis. He gave me a shot and I began some physical therapy, which did not help, and the pain began to radiate from my hip to my leg and my foot. Soon the pain was becoming more severe. It began to impact my daily life. Over time, the attacks became more frequent and more severe. I tried pain shots, acupuncture, which gave some relief, but the pain always came back. Soon I was unable to sit or lie down without the pain attacks beginning. I was up to ten pain pills a day, plus sleeping pills every night in order to get some rest. It was unbearable.

I went to see Dr. Patrick O'Leary, who gave me a thorough exam, pinpointing the problem as spinal compression. He outlined the procedure he would do and I scheduled the surgery. As I was being wheeled into the operating room, the attack began, and I was barely able to make it into the operating theater. That was the last time I felt the pain. The surgery was a complete success and I began my recovery. I grew stronger rapidly and after only 88 days, I parred the #1 hardest hole on a golf course in Florida! I am now working with a trainer, working out 6 days a week and looking forward to the upcoming golf season! I can't thank Dr. O'Leary and the staff at HSS enough for giving me my life back!