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Kenneth Domney

Wanaque, NJ

I have a family history of Arthritis, my mother particularly. So when it became obvious I needed surgery I got it set up right away for July 2004. However once I had set it up it seemed every time I mentioned it to someone they immediately told me about someone they knew who had been to the HSS and that it was the only place to go. After 5 or 6 of these instances I figured I was being directed for a reason. I cancelled my previous appointment and chose Dr. Pellicci for my hip replacement. The result was just about perfect! I am a professional Martial Arts instructor and was able after completing rehab to demonstrate moves I had not been able to show for years. Since then I have been back to the HSS for my right ACL with Dr. Coleman and am writing this from my bed on the 7th floor 2 days after getting my other hip replaced, again by Dr. Pellicci. Judging by my therapy so far my recovery will be equal to last time. I cannot thank ALL who work at this Hospital enough for their pleasant professionalism and skill. I recommend the HSS to everyone I meet who needs any kind of Orthopedic help.