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Kenneth Compeau

Gardiner, NY
  • Kenneth Compeau in the photo 1
  • Kenneth Compeau in the photo 2

Back on 4th of July weekend I was riding motocross at a track in North Carolina. I over rotated the bike mid-air and lost control and crashed having the bike land on my right foot. I knew as soon as I crashed it was going to be a long healing process and it was going to be little while until I could get back on the bike and ride again. With the help of Dr. David S. Levine and everyone else who helped me at HSS I was back on the bike within 6 months after a serious Lisfranc injury. HSS is truly amazing and for sure life changing. I'm so glad I chose HSS to get me Back in the Game!

I've attached the x-ray after my crash and a picture after I was cleared to get back on the bike.