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Ken Messina

Westwood, NJ

In 2018, due to moving many heavy boxes to my new home, and then going on a trip to Spain & Portugal, I experienced extreme pain in my right hip. I visited Dr. Carli after reviewing his extensive credentials online. Dr. Carli prescribed medicine, PT, and a cortisone shot, telling me that surgery was a last resort and that we should try all these alternatives first. When I still experienced pain many months later, I visited Dr. Carli, and he thoroughly explained the totally elective surgery of replacing my hip. He spent time with me, showing me on a model exactly what would be involved in the surgery, and answered any and all questions that I had. Being a quality of life issue, Dr. Carli suggested that I bring my wife to the next appointment. After a 1/2 hour of meeting with Dr. Carli with my wife, we decided that going through with the surgery was the best option, and Dr. Carli was my best choice to do the job. His bedside manner is second to none. He listens to his patients and he thoroughly explains everything in advance, removing all apprehension and fear of the procedure. The surgery went very well, and besides Dr. Carli going back and forth to my wife in the waiting room with updates, he came into my hospital room afterwards with an x-Ray of my new hip, again explaining exactly what he did during the operation. Two weeks after the surgery, I didn't need a cane anymore; I have just come back from my 6 week checkup, and Dr. Carli showed me my new x-Rays and said that I was way ahead of schedule. In fact he described my update as "boring" because it was so good! I recommend HSS for any orthopedic needs, and I further recommend Dr. Carli as one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and caring doctors that I have ever come across in my life. He is a very special person; how many doctors can you say that about?