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Keith Pollack

Kew Gardens, NY
  • Keith Pollack in the photo 1

Dr. Williams has a great personal touch. From the moment we met I knew he would be the right person to have me reach my goals. The people at Hospital for Special Surgery were very inviting, easy to deal with, and prompt with all of the nuances.

I had to repair a torn ligament in my shoulder, I was barely able to put on my clothes without my shoulder slipping out.

Dr. Williams told me that the surgery would have me back in the gym within eight weeks. That was great news, but what I was really focusing on was surfing.

I had planned a trip to go to San Diego in November 2014 and my heart was set on surfing in La Jolla.

On Friday, August 14, 2015 that dream came true. This picture is of me and my surfing instructor Fonzie.

I am very grateful for the diligent and spectacular work Dr. Williams and Hospital for Special Surgery were able to accomplish, so I could accomplish a lifelong goal.