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Keisha Swain-Andrews

New York, NY, NY
  • Keisha Swain-Andrews in the photo 1
  • Keisha Swain-Andrews in the photo 2

In March 2023, my life took an unexpected turn when I suffered three muscle tears in my left shoulder after a fall. The pain and challenges that followed were immense, but through perseverance and determination, I embarked on a journey of recovery at HSS.

I sought an orthopedic doctor at HSS because they are #1 in orthopedic care. Based on different reviews, I chose Dr. Answorth Allen. Dr. Allen's commitment to ensuring I received the best possible care for my complex shoulder injury was truly remarkable, and his expertise played a crucial role in my journey to recovery. He took the time to thoroughly assess my injury and discuss treatment options with me, ensuring that I felt informed and involved in my own care every step of the way. His ability to connect on a personal level not only put me at ease but also instilled confidence in his expertise and the treatment plan he recommended. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Allen for the care and attention he provided throughout my recovery process.

After my surgery, I had the opportunity to work with physical therapist Emily Altman. She played a crucial role in facilitating the healing process of my arm. Emily provided me with a series of exercises specifically designed to help regain strength and range of motion. Her expertise and patience were truly remarkable, and I am grateful for her exceptional care.

Thanks to their expertise and compassionate care, my shoulder is now better than ever, and I am Back in the Game.