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Kazembe Okera-Anglin

New York, NY
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I was playing basketball with my friends in Central Park the last Friday before I was to return to boarding school in Pennsylvania. I jumped up to dunk the ball and it felt like I slipped on the ground. I could not get up and my knee instantly began to swell to the size of two large grapefruits. My friends and other good Samaritans thought I needed to go to the hospital so they called the ambulance. My mom met me at the park and we were transported to another hospital where I learned that my injury was much more severe than a simple strain. I was kept overnight for observation then sent home and was told to call to schedule surgery. My mom did not want me to have surgery at the other hospital, luckily another patient who was also in the ER told my mom about HSS and Dr. Fabricant, who saved his leg. The next business day, my mom scheduled an appointment at HSS and the doctor who happened to be assigned to me was Dr. Fabricant. Coincidence? I think not. Dr. Fabricant was patient, kind, caring and explained everything. He confirmed the diagnosis from the other hospital and that I needed surgery. Myself and my mom were so nervous about surgery but Dr. Fabricant made us feel so comfortable and safe. When I came in for my surgery, the service and level of care I received was profound. The nurses, anesthesiologist, prep team who shaved my leg and administrative staff were great! They made my hospital experience feel like a breeze. The entire process and treatment plan were well explained and my recovery went according to plan. With the help of my physical therapist, Yukiko, I am back to dunking basketballs and am exploring a career in physical therapy. Although this injury changed my life, HSS did also!