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Kayte Andersen

New York, NY
  • Kayte Andersen in the photo 1

When people hear that I was a cheerleader in college, they often picture girls dancing on the sideline of a football game, when in reality I was a member of a nationally-competitive team. At our third practice of the year, one of our stunts went wrong and I hit the floor screaming that my shoulder had popped out. I did months of physical therapy in Canada, and went from being a girl who could lift others above her head to unable to use a blow dryer! As soon as Dr. Gulotta met me, he decided a surgery was in order. He clearly explained what he wanted to do, and how the recovery would be long and challenging. I appreciated his honesty in telling me what to expect. The best part of all of this has been the physical therapy team (Sean, Anthony, Eric & Oscar), who are so amazing to give me ice every day, even on days when I don't have a session scheduled. I feel so lucky to have been operated on & rehabbed by the best in the world.