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Kaya Burns

Hopewell Junction, NY
  • Kaya Burns in the photo 1
  • Kaya Burns in the photo 2

For the past several years, Kaya's entire world revolved around gymnastics. Every waking moment was dedicated to honing her skills and pushing her limits in the sport she loved. Recently, she had been diligently preparing for the upcoming competition season, even going as far as recording videos of her gymnastics routines to test out of two levels. However, fate had a different plan in store for her.

During one routine, an unfortunate misstep caused Kaya to land awkwardly, resulting in a fracture in her elbow. Determined to bounce back as quickly as possible, we promptly sought medical attention at HSS, where Dr. Fabricant performed surgery the same day we had our consult to repair her elbow.

Kaya's unwavering passion for gymnastics drove her to opt for immediate surgery. She understood that the sooner she began the healing process, the sooner she could embark on her journey back to the sport she cherished. Remarkably, just one day after the surgery, Kaya returned to the gym. Although she couldn't engage in any physical activities yet, her presence served as an inspiration and a source of encouragement for her teammates.

Day after day, Kaya faithfully showed up at the gym, eagerly awaiting the moment when she would receive medical clearance to resume her training. During this time, she immersed herself in the supportive atmosphere, cheering on her fellow gymnasts and finding solace in being a part of the gymnastics community she held dear. Her dedication and perseverance were unwavering.

Finally, after several months healing, the awaited clearance arrived, signaling Kaya's triumphant return to the sport she had missed dearly. Since then, she has embarked on a remarkable journey of skill development, pushing herself to acquire new abilities and further her progress in gymnastics. With each passing day, Kaya's passion for the sport continues to burn brightly, fueling her determination to excel and succeed in the realm of gymnastics once again that wouldn't have been possible without HSS.