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Kathy Sheikh

Woodbury, CT

After going through almost a decade of pain on my right side below the waist, a hip x-ray finally showed that bone on bone osteoarthritis had developed. A very kind, thorough and professional appointment with Dr. Waddell led me to a January 9th, 2018 surgery date for total hip replacement. At the hospital I walked with a cane and practiced on stairs. At my 2 week follow up appointment all was well and I was given the go ahead to travel by auto with my amazingly supportive husband to Florida. We did stop often on the trip south and I was diligent about my exercises on the ride to avoid a blood clot from forming. In my photo, I am walking at 4 weeks in sunny 80 degree weather in Naples, Florida. Within our host's home I am walking without a cane. My IT band is tight and painful at times but icing and massage is helpful in relieving pain. My left hip is next and it is a process I actually look forward to, as the results are life changing.