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Kathy DeRosa

Carlsbad, CA
  • Kathy DeRosa in the photo 1

I was diagnosed with hip impingement approximately 10 years prior to having bilateral hip replacement in December 202 by Dr. Michael Alexiades.

I had a difficult time psychologically comprehending that I was having pain in both my hips and would eventually need bilateral hip replacement! As the years progressed, I became limited in my movements and was in a lot of pain all the time! Even sleeping was painful. I was limping and hunched over. As a fit and very active wife and mother, it was difficult to get in and out of the car and sit an work at a desk

I finally made the decision to have bilateral hip replacement at 51-years-old. It was the best decision I have ever made! On 12/2/2020, I was operated on by Dr. Michael Alexiades. Exactly 6 weeks later, I walked through JFK International Airport as well as San Diego International Airport taking my son to college. Eight weeks later, I was jogging on a beach in Aruba. As I begin my Peloton ride, I thank God everyday, as well as Dr. Alexiades and the HSS staff for giving me my life back. I feel truly blessed and grateful! I referred many family and friends to HSS since.

My family and I moved to San Diego, CA, where I am able to swim, hike and lead a very active lifestyle!