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Kathryn Amiel

Cedarhurst, NY
  • Kathryn Amiel in the photo 1

I fell in 2013. For the next two years I went from doctor to doctor and all they would offer me was physical therapy that only made the pain worse. After that I was offered narcotics, which was not what I wanted. I was looking for someone who could elevate the pain and make me functional once again. Finally after 2 years of living with this excruciating pain my daughter found Dr. Gungor. After the initial visit I knew that I had finally found the right doctor. He was so kind and considerate, soft spoken and was able to give me a sense of security that he knew what he was doing. He explained to me what the procedure entailed and I scheduled an appointment. This was done as an out patient and the nurses and staff were wonderful. I didn't accept a medication to calm me. I went into the procedure with confidence that Dr, Gungor was doing the right thing for me. The procedure was not painful albeit a bit uncomfortable. It is now 2 months since the procedure and I am happy to say that I am PAIN FREE!!!! Dr. Gungor explained that this procedure may last 4-6 months and I may need another injection. If that happens, I am fine with that. No drugs and no pain- what more could I ask for!!!!