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Kathleen Seyler

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On October 10, 2000, I was locked out of my brownstone and unsuccessfully tried to climb through my fire escape to get into my apartment. I fell 5 stories breaking most of my bones. It was a pure miracle that I even survived. There were no internal injures; however my feet, legs, hip and arm sustained severe trauma. Falling from such a height smashed most of the bones in my feet to dust. There were bits and pieces of me all over the pavement and when the medics arrived they were only too shocked that I was still alive- the trauma and the amount of blood I had lost left them in despair.

I was a true Orthopedic Doctor’s dream and nightmare. My injuries were not textbook. A team of doctors from Hospital Special Surgery came in and put me back together. I truly believe that I would have been an amputee, losing one or both of my legs if these amazing surgeons didn’t step in and I can't thank them enough.

Multi-trauma involving:

• Right open ankle distal tibia fracture

• Dislocation of the medial malleolar fracture and a fibula fracture

• Knee external rotation dislocation with an open joint wound

• Hip fracture dislocation with irreducible hip secondary to posterior wall fracture and incarceration of posterior wall and hip joint, wall fracture acetabulum

• Left calcaneal fracture

• Medial Malleolus Fracture

• TIB-FIB Syndesmosis

• Left Hand- Ray distal metacarpal fracture

• Ankle Fusion (2002)-listen this was difficult. I was walking bone on bone and my ankle cracked with each step. I got my ankle fusion, and although I can’t run or wear heels I can walk.

• Hip-Replacement (2011) - I had been putting this off. I had eleven screws and a plate again wearing its time on me. I’m so glad that I had it done!

• Toe tension release (2016)- due to my original injury my toes were gripped. Ever since the surgery I don't have sores or ulcers on my toes, and my walking has improved considerably.

In 2005, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I will never forget how blessed I am as I walk to the bus stop to meet her from school. I have the ability to walk, move and live. I am so thankful to Dr. Joseph Lane, Dr. David Levine, Dr. David Helfet, Dr. Andrew Weiland, and Dr. Bryan Kelly, the nurses and entire staff at HSS for their hard work and support to get me BACK IN THE GAME…