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Kathleen Drew

Babylon, NY
  • Kathleen Drew in the photo 1

For years the range of motion in my hips was ever diminishing. While on my yoga mat, Pigeon pose became less and less welcome. A hilly hike brought winces to my face while stretching up a climb. I referred to the uncomfortable sensations as conversations with my hip and attributed the increasing limitations to age. Minor twinges would elicit dialogues while more noticeable tenderness would garner singing and, all the while, I continued to enjoy all the physical exercise that was so part of my life making adjustments and modifications when necessary but rarely, if ever, choosing to sit it out.

The chorus was never present during the exercise, only afterward at rest. Cyclical were the periods of time when my hips would sing so loud it was hard to ignore them, but it was always temporary and not very frequent.

Early August of last year the pattern changed with constant pain in my right hip. I could not lie down, sit, stand or enjoy any type of exercise at all....the symphony, however, was deafening at rest.

I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with Dr. Buly in record time, although my mindset was conflicted about what the possible courses of action could be. You see, I had no intentions of taking medicine or having surgery. Closed minded, perhaps, but my lifestyle is one of health conscious eating coupled with non-invasive and holistic remedies, when necessary....Until I saw the x-rays, that is. There was no denying arthritis had become a permanent resident in both hips with the left hip, strangely, far more advanced than the right.

That same day, I had an injection in the right hip in the hopes it would calm things down and, from there, see if a reprieve was possible.

In the meantime, I had been gathering as much information as I could from all sources....strangers, acquaintances and, of course, the Internet. There is no cure for arthritis, and advances in total hip replacement surgery has made the procedure not only common, but routine, as well.

The injection brought minimal relief for not even a couple of days. Meanwhile, the forced hiatus from the gym, yoga, hiking, etc. was beginning to affect me mentally. Such a drastic change in routine, the very routine that had always kept the exhilaration flowing through my veins, had begun to shake my emotional balance. I did not have to be a "winner," I just wanted to be in the game.

"You're so young" "Why are you rushing into this without trying other remedies?" "You've never even mentioned trouble with your hips." Were just a few of the reactions from family and friends.

How bad should the pain be and for how long should I endure it? How immobile should I become before I decide to rejoin my own life? All very soul searching and personal questions. Succumbing to the pain and letting it guide the future was not an option for me. Not when such a viable and seemingly fool proof remedy was readily available.

Without hesitation I scheduled surgery and, within 7 weeks of meeting Dr. Buly and his staff, I was the owner of a brand new titanium hip.

It was a beautiful experience. I drove at 3 weeks, I was spinning at nine weeks and today, 5 months post surgery, I am, once again, enjoying all of the physical activities that keep me balanced.

To say that I feel fortunate to have had such world class medical treatment and care is an understatement. My new hip and I are becoming fast friends. I am blessed to be back in the game!