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Katherine Heins

Mecosta, MI
  • Katherine Heins in the photo 1

As a longtime teacher and practitioner of martial arts, I found my joy in life greatly diminished by the constant pain of osteoarthritis in my left hip. I was unable to sleep or walk without hurting, and it affected my work and personal relationships as well as my martial-arts studies. After three years, I finally decided I had to have the problem addressed surgically. Though I live in Michigan, HSS was within my insurance network, so I was able to get pre-approval for hip resurfacing with Dr. Su. I had the surgery on August 29, and spent three nights in the hospital before being sent home to recover. I was so impressed by the staff and especially the protocols at HSS! I feel they set my feet on the path to a speedy recovery straight away. Now, nearly five months later, I am back in the dojo teaching weapons and swordsmanship, getting out into the woods on snowshoes, and working out at the boxing gym. I do my PT faithfully. Every single day, I feel such gratitude for the absence of pain. Thank you, Dr. Su and HSS, for giving me my life back!