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Karen Tapia

Bronx, NY
  • Karen Tapia in the photo 1

I'm not exaggerating when I say that only Dr. Thomas P. Sculco and HSS could have helped me. I knew I needed expert and specialized care because of my childhood history of polio which left me with left leg paralysis and an impaired gait. I first saw Dr. Sculco in 2001 for a TKR which was successful and restored my function, until aging and ongoing effects of polio made a TKR revision necessary in February 2018. By that time, my leg had severely deformed, I couldn't stand, could barely walk with support, had constant pain and could no longer swim laps, which was my only possible sport. I'm now three months post-surgery and my leg is beautifully straight. I can stand and walk without pain and I'm swimming again. Thank you Dr. Sculco for your extraordinary skill, for the dedicated care you and your HSS team have given me and for making it possible for me to get back in the game.