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Karen Loughran

Sea Girt, NJ
  • Karen Loughran in the photo 1

Nov 15 2022:

I suddenly experienced pain and had trouble moving. I thought I had done something to my knee or back. X-rays revealed an issue in my hip. This surprised me because I always have been VERY active! Moreover, in 2022, I rode my bike daily, went for walks on the boardwalk and taught yoga.

January 2023:

PT was NOT helping.

March 2023:

After a visit with Dr. Carli, I opted for hip replacement. On April 14, I had my surgery. All went well! I started on my recovery path.

July 2023:

I started teaching yoga, riding my bike and taking my long walks. This was so amazing to me because I quickly returned to my active lifestyle.

Now (2024):

Today, no one really even knows or notices anything different. My life is almost normal. I plan to scuba dive and ski next season. I am so grateful to Dr. Carli, his attention to my concerns and issues as well as his proactive management.