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Kaitlyn Lombardi

Old Bridge, NJ
  • Kaitlyn Lombardi in the photo 1

My experience at Hospital of Special Surgery was as awesome as an experience at a hospital can get. A couple months ago, I was having knee pain and after some exams, MRI's and x-rays were taken, I was told by my Primary Doctor that I had PVNS, Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis, a rare tumor located behind my knee. He told me that I should go to HSS and see Doctor DiFelice, for there he would know exactly what to do and how to treat it. As I did some research on PVNS, all of the surgeries shown were that of a 12 inch incision from the knee down to the calf. All that ran through my mind is that this can not be happening to me at 19 years old, and as summer was just about to begin, why is this happening? My family and I went to HSS a week later and Doctor DiFelice told me that he would be able to complete the procedure arthroscopically and there was no need for a 12 inch incision! What?! There were only going to be three incisions less than the size of a mosquito bite and I would be up and walking within 2 weeks of getting the surgery. My prayers were answered... Fast Forward, Doctor DiFelice and his Physician Assistant Doctor O'Brien completed my procedure and the day after, I repeat THE DAY after, I was up and walking. I've had mosquito bites that looked worse than the incisions, and right now 2 months later from the operation, they can not even be seen anymore!! Finding out I had a tumor was the worst news to hear at 19 years old, but Doctor DiFelice and Doctor O'Brien made the procedure easier than that of pulling off a band-aid. I couldn't be more thankful for my experience at Hospital for Special Surgery, and for Doctor DiFelice for allowing me to get back into the game! Having Doctor DiFelice operate on my knee allowed me to get back to playing soccer, go paddle boarding, go to the beach, and do a mud run! I'm so thankful to get the best situation possible out of the worst situation in my life, and to enjoy my summer as if I never even had surgery.