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Justin Brown

New York, NY
  • Justin Brown in the photo 1

Our son, Justin (eight-years old), suffered a tibial spine fracture (a traumatic knee injury associated with the ACL) while skiing in early 2017. Following surgical repair at another hospital (not HSS), Justin was unable to regain full extension of his leg (his knee lacked approximately 8 degrees of extension).

After consulting a few doctors, we eventually and fortunately found our way to Dr. DiFelice, who is wonderful. He has a great bedside manner with Justin and really spent the time to examine and figure out what was causing the extension deficit. He identified a relatively large “cyclops lesion” (basically a marshmallow-size ball of scar tissue) in Justin’s knee that was blocking the knee’s ability to fully extend.

Dr. DiFelice explained the required follow-up surgery — to both Justin and his parents. He was communicative, informative and patient throughout. We were able to notice improved extension immediately after surgery and extension continues to improve. Justin was back skiing in less than two months following his surgery with Dr. DiFelice!

In short, Dr. DiFelice demonstrated to us unrivaled levels of interest, compassion, tenacity and skill. A big thank you!