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Julio Arce

New York, NY
  • Julio Arce in the photo 1

In 2019, I was having an issue fully extending my arms, which was making it difficult to fight. I knew I was injured, but surgery wasn’t the first thing on my mind because I didn’t want to sit out for an extended period of time. As a fighter, we all have that mentality where we feel we need to push through, but it got to the point where surgery seemed necessary.

Dr. Hotchkiss at HSS diagnosed the issue and determined that surgery was the best course. He told me my body had developed bone spurs limiting the motion in my arms due to reoccurring impact to my elbows. Dr. Hotchkiss was very willing to dive into the MMA world and gain a sense of everything our bodies go through, which I can’t thank him enough for as it gave me a sense of comfort. I couldn’t be happier with the care all the HSS doctors and staff gave me to help me get back to being the best fighter I can be.